Pool Super Staker
Name Address Pool Fee UTXO Min
Official Pool
qPooLFFk2BT3i9yKApjeJhuYjYKWHmuCdq 12% 25
Pool Fee
% of total block rewards taken in fees. The pool pays payout transaction fees.
The minimum size of UTXOs the pool will stake.
Payout Algorithm
Pay Per Mature UTXO (PPMU): payout proportional to mature UTXOs for each block reward.
Pool Delegation


Prize 10 QTUM
Winners 31

From July 25th to August 24th, on every day beginning at 12:00:00 am GMT+8, the next offline staking block reward based on a registered pool member will win 10 mainnet QTUM, with awards paid weekly and transactions posted on the Winner List .

Rules & Introductions

Join our official pool to help us test this new capability for offline staking. Delegating to a Super Staker pool works like regular address delegation but you must set the fee to 100%. The Qtum Chain Foundation test pool is waiting for you at qPooLFFk2BT3i9yKApjeJhuYjYKWHmuCdq .

Pools work by combining many individual delegations and periodically paying out the block rewards (less a pool fee) on a weighted basis to the pool members. To register for the pool please complete installation and registration according to Address Delegation page.